Journey into the depths of the Earth

From the highest peak of the Geopark Kozakov (744 m) to the north stretches 7 km long lava flow that extends from Semily through Prosec and Pelechov Brod. Lava overflowed the youngest Tertiary before 4 million years ago, lined the gravel bed of the river Jizera. In the form of inclusions to occur peridotite. Green surrounded by black basalt stone material, consist principally of olivine. Few of basalt in the world contains an olivine stones in such abundance as in the basalt flow bellow Kozákov. Olivine stones brought from a depth of 70-150 km on the surface of basaltic magma. The depth of such a person has gotten even with the latest technology. Olivine stones bear witness to the composition of the upper mantle. About this, the 28th April 2011 persuaded not tour in the Geopark children who find an abandoned quarry in the number of fragments of olivine.

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