Metamorphic rocks

Kozinec - Zelezny Brod

Kozinec by Železný Brod

The rock wall of white quartzite is located at Záskalí in Železný Brod (at the end of the road to the left, about 200 metres behind the town swimming-pool). The rock formation is a good example of frost weathering of the Ice Age, when the „sea“ of broken stones and rock wall had formed here. Its eastern part is stretched more than 50 metres, and it is only 2 metres wide in some places. The quartzite wall reaches the height about 20 metres in its western part.

Rieger´s Path

Rieger path

River Jizera created about 200 m deep, canyon-like valley north from the town Semily. Bare rocks give the evidence of hundreds millions of years long history. Resistant types of rocks remained forming the rock cliffs, surrounded with areas called the „sea“ of broken stones, sometimes descending to the river stream. There is a trail with a spring of A. Stašek wit

h clean water, and several lookouts showing the river valley. A rocky canyon  is hollowed-out  in albitic granite massif, which rises to a height of 40 m above Jizera river on the side of Rieger´s Path near Bítouchov. That´s where the pedestrian gallery, 77 meters long and hanging on a rock 5.5 meters above the river level was built.

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