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The Bohemian Paradise Geopark is a spectacular outdoor classroom.  It has something to offer students of any age - pre-school, school, college or beyond.  We intend to develop these activities as time goes by to help you get the most from Bohemian Paradise, whatever your level of interest and expertise. A Geopark organizes activities and provides support to communicate geoscientific knowledge to the public. This is accomplished through protected and interpreted geosites, museums, information centres, trails, guided tours, school class excursions, seminars, educational materials, displays and so on. The Geopark runs educational programs for school groups, students and families, tours for adults, and educational seminars in order to familiarize the general public with the Bohemian Paradise Geopark, its natural history and the geological heritage of the earth. A Geopark also fosters scientific research and cooperation with universities and research institutes, stimulating the dialogue between the geosciences and local populations.

Geopark for children and students

Bohemian Paradise Geopark offers a lot of opportunuties for everyone. An important part of his activity are programmes for children and students. There exist both educational individual and group programmes and special programmes for children and students form elementary schools, secondary schools and universities. The programme for your school as a film, lecture or workshop is prepared for different age groups according to your requirements. The subjects ilustrated geological processes on Earth and are suitable as school teaching change of natural history, geography, geology and ecology. In sought after subjects there are activity of european geoparks, volcanic activity, fossils around us, precious stones, regional history, folk architecture and so on. In the scope of environmental education Bohemian Paradise Geopark produces several programmes, which participate in specialists from different professions.

Excursions on Geopark:- - -

1) To the volcanos of Bohemian Paradise Geopark

2) Fond out you the oldest geological history

3) To the caves in Geopark

4) Singularity of sandstone rock towns

5) Water activity in the nature


1) Crystals in the nature and technology

2) Minerals - the basic structural elements of Earth

3) Rocks around us

4) Fossils around us

For universities:

Geopark offers to processing a wide choice of thematic spheres of expert, bachelor, diploma and doctoral thesis.

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