ROP NUTS II. Bohemian Paradise Geopark – the centre of geotourism development (CZ1.13/3.2.00/02.00200)

The 3rd international conference of UNESCO Geoparks took place in the TERRA VITA Geopark in the days 22nd – 26th of June 2008. In the scope of its ran the First world expo of Geoparks. There was presented the Bohemian Paradise Geopark by his own exposition which introduced the activity of Geopark and upcoming project in the scope of operating programme ROP NUTS II. The panning of czech garnets and the promotional materials aroused the interest. There were provided the informations for tourists, including the samples of regional cuisine, in the scope of accompanying programme. The importance of geological knowledge popularization for the widest public was demonstrated by the means of lecture at the example of upcoming project ROP NUTS II Bohemian Paradise Geopark – the centre of geoturism development (CZ 1.13./3.2.00/02.00200). Another lecture pointed out at the possibilities which are offered for the development of geotourism by the traditional trades and culture. The importance of regional operating projects for the development of geoparks and geotourism was demonstrated at the example of project ROP NUTS II. Bohemian Paradise Geopark – the centre of geotourism development (CZ 1.13/3.2.00/02.00200) in this lecture. The final lecture presented the results of several years multidepartmental research of climate change in the Bohemian Paradise Geopark in last 10 000 years. In the scope of conference ran the „camps of young“ where attended students from Czech Republic, too. They introduced the Bohemian Paradise Geopark by the powerpoint presentation.  

Use of Geotagging in Bohemian Paradise Geopark Information system ( 99/5/330/09)

Geotagging in Bohemian Paradise Geopark comes under the category of publisher tagging and it is developed by creating web-based (URL) tags and placing them outside into open air environment. Project consist of mapping the landscape, annotating the world of nature, describing the phenomena with text and multimedia and augmenting the area with points or networks of tags, which means embedding the knowledge about the environment into the landscape itself, just to be picked up by anyone interested in getting it.

Creating thematic and funny geotag trails offer a unique opportunity of encouraging visitors to enjoy an enriched location-based multimedia experience by using the latest mobile phone technology. Geotags bring visitors the exciting opportunity to call up location-specific multimedia content about geologic, natural or other phenomena relevant to the site by simply using their mobile devices directly at the place. It is easy and fun for visitors with camera and Internet equipped mobile device to enter a particular area of Geopark enriched with geotags, and immediately use the geotags as gateway to showcase more information about various spots of interest around the Geopark area.

Project „Information technology for geotourism development in European Geopark UNESCO Bohemian Paradise – No. 99/5/330/09“ is pursued with financial help from the Revolving fund of Ministry of Environment of Czech Republic.

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